Activity-Based Management (ABM)

Activity Based Management acts as a facilitator between the NSW Ministry of Health and Local Health Districts and Specialty Health Networks.

Our primary focus is on financial modelling for NSW Health; data quality and compliance for clinical costing studies; analysis and interpretation of clinical costing, activity and utilisation data; and the provision of transformational systems and tools to drive strategic and operational decision making.

Activity based management is an evidence-based, management approach that uses patient level cost data to drive evidence-based decisions and influence and improve strategic objectives.  This contributes to maximising value for patient care in NSW.

ABM is committed to supporting the NSW health system in its full adoption of activity based funding and activity based management as the principal policy governing funding allocations for NSW public health services.  Key to this is engagement and collaboration with our stakeholder groups and target audiences, including growing an increasing understanding and interest in our work through a variety of communication channels.  We also have cooperative partnerships with our jurisdictional and Commonwealth counterparts in support of national health reform into the future, leading to improved health outcomes and sustainability of the NSW and Australian health systems.